April 1, 2020

Prevention Measures for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear customers,

Due to the novel coronavirus spreading, and in order to secure the safety of all our clients and company staff members, we will implement the following prevention measures below.

Implementation period: From April 1 2020. The end date is undecided at this time.


1. To prevent infection thoroughly and ensure safety.

All our employees are obliged to wash their hands and gargle. For every workday (and day off) employees will maintain the sanitization of their physical condition.
For people with symptoms that may resemble corona, such as a fever, cough, fatigue will be suspended from work.
We will manage employee’s health and hygiene thoroughly and ensure to supply product safety following our quality control policy.

2. Regarding our Brewery Tour and the Kikusui Shop

From April 1, Kikusui Shop will reopen but we will refrain from offering free samples. Our brewery tour and the shop will be suspended.

3. Cancellation and/or Postponement of Events

All events organized by KIKUSUI will be canceled or postponed. If customers have already applied for an event, we will contact them individually.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
Due to the growing effects of the COVID-19 infection, we have decided to give priority to the continuous, but safe supply of our products and services as stated above.
We will make an appropriate response while observing the situation of the COVID-19.
We appreciate you for your kind understanding and cooperation on this matter.