We harnessed Kikusui’s sake brewing technology, which has been cultivated for 140 years since our founding in 1881, all in the single-minded pursuit of the most supreme of sake.
Our efforts to achieve the highest-quality sake possible have coalesced in “Kuramitsu.” It is brewed with a degree of unprecedented, painstaking care that is nearly unfathomable.

Rising to the Challenge

Made from 100% Kikusui Rice grown in Niigata. We polish this rice, which bears the same name as our company, to 23% and create a Junmai Daiginjo sake that is imbued with all of our passion, knowledge, wisdom and skills that we have cultivated since our foundation.

KURAMITSU - Like polishing a rough stone into a diamond, Kikusui Rice is slowly and gently polished to 23%.The flavor born from each single grain shines with an overwhelming brilliance.


  • ● IWC (International Wine Challenge) 2014, Sake Division: Gold Medal*1
  • ● The Fine SAKE Awards 2015: Gold Medal*2
  • ● IWC 2015, Sake Division: Silver Medal*1
  • ● The Fine SAKE Awards 2017: Gold Medal*2
  • ● The Fine SAKE Awards 2018: Grand Gold Medal*2
  • ● The Fine SAKE Awards 2019: Grand Gold Medal*2
  • ● The Fine SAKE Awards 2020: Gold Medal*2
  • ● London Sake Challenge 2020: Platinum Medal*1
  • ● Bordeaux Sake Challenge 2021: Gold Medal*1
  • ● The Fine SAKE Awards 2021: Gold Medal*2
  • ● The Fine SAKE Awards 2022: Gold Medal*2
  • ● IWC 2022, Sake Division: Silver Medal*1
  • ● Kura Master 2022: Gold Medal*1
  • ● Luxembourg Sake Challenge 2022: Bronze Medal /Best Design Award*1
  • ● The Fine SAKE Awards 2023: Gold Medal*2
  • *1→Junmai Daiginjo category
  • *2→Daiginjo Category/Premium Daiginjo Category

[ Characteristics ]
●Sake Type / Junmai Daiginjo ●Rice polishing ratio / 23% ●Alcohol contents / 15% ●Rice / 100% Sakamai Kikusui from Niigata Prefecture ●Volume / 750ml

  • 750ml

[Serving Suggestions]